Community Awards


St Blazey Reclaimed£1,000.00Town to Tide
PL24 SK8 Park£700.00Initial survey, planning etc for large scale project
Friends of Par Beach£650.00Replacement / additional beach seating
Doubletrees School£1,000.00Sensory Garden – survey and planning
Hands Together£350.00Zumba dance facilities
Richard Croome£1,000.00Establishment of club for Deaf/Hard of Hearing
St Blazey Football Club£650.00Contribution towards feasibility for sport project
Wheal Catherine£1,000.00Replacement black out curtains – Gott Hall
St Blazey Reclaimed£500.00Contribution towards St Blaise Feast events
PL24 CA (PCA )- Skate Park£300.00Consultation Day arrangements
Groundwork SW£1,000.00St Blazey Greenspace Audit
1st Par, St Blazey & Fowey Scouts£968.00Replacement mess tent
St Blazey Cricket Club£1,000.00Outdoor net facility / training aids
Par St Mary’s Methodist Church£500.00Recreational fitness classes / creche
St Blazey Parochial Church Cttee£594.00Restart mechanism for clock
Fourways – Young Mens Group£1,000.00Community Open Day – activities, promotion etc


4Ways Music Project£1,000.00Contribution towards DJ equipment/soundproofing
Friends of Par Beach£1,000.00HQ gazebo for events
PL24 Community Magazine£1,000.00Projector for presentations / promo activities
1st Tywardreath & Par Guides£1,000.00Mess tent and cooking equipment items
Par Carnival Committee£500.00New bunting for future events
St Blazey Reclaimed£1,000.00Archive research/collation + printed booklet / DVD
Cornwall Dyslexia Association£850.00Research, training, workshops, advice, events
Tywardreath Pre-School Group£660.00Outdoor play area / classroom
Tywardreath Jubilee Clock Cttee£660.00Heritage works to restore/replace clock faces
PL24 Community Association (PCA)£660.00Paralympic legacy – armilliary sphere to PL24
Fowey Netball Club£660.00Subsidies, kit and promotion
St Blazey Reclaimed£1,000.00St Blazey Feast – workshops, materials, PR etc
RCLP – Meet & Greet Group£800.00Support sessions to reduce isolation and support mental wellbeing
Par St Mary’s Methodist Church£733.00Reusable signage/banners and blackout blinds
Friends of Par Beach£733.00Contribution towards digital mapping – conservation etc
St Austell Sea Cadets£1,000.00Box trailer for group attendance at events
Celtic Warriors£1,000.00New equipment items – children / adults
Tywardreath Pre School Group£1,000.00Purpose built indoor playhouse


FLEET (Chris Wilson)£1,000.00Contribution towards defibrillator for St Blazey
Heavy Transport Bowling Club£1,000.00Ramp to increase accessibility at Club
Par Branch – Mothers Union£592.00Display items for celebratory event (wedding dresses)
Par Carnival Committee£1,000.00Reinstatement of traditional events, insurance etc
Tywardreath School£1,000.00Large climbing and traversing wall
FLEET (Liz Hawken)£500.00Contribution towards defibrillator for Tywardreath
Help Find Tywardreath Priory£1,000.00Archaelogical education activities / website
Leek Seed Methodist Chapel£260.00Replacement bunting
Gate Quilters£500.00Cutting and binding machines + tutors
1st Par, St Blazey & Fowey Scouts£1,000.003 kayaks + buoyancy aids
Burrows Centre£2,074.00Improvements to facilities


4FS Youth Dance Group£750.00Community dance sessions, costumes, PR
FLEET (Chris Wilson)£1,000.00Contribution towards defibrillator for St Blazey Gate
PL24 Community Association (PCA)£1,000.00Armillary sphere plinth and relocation to running track + messaging
St Austell Sea Cadets£1,000.00Laptops, TVs, ipads, screen to aid training
St Blazey Parochial Church Council£584.25Replacement of broken clock striking mechanism
Tywardreath Village Hall£680.00Replacement card tables (for multi use)
Bricks & Bread Retreats£1,000.00Networking events – printing, website, admin
Tywardreath Bee Group£2,950.00Hives and ancillary equipment
Wingz Bird & Animal Sanctuary£8,024.00Mains water connection
Cornwall Council Localism£5,482.57Area Investment Plan
St Blazey & District Town Team CIC£5,000.00Website, stationery etc (£3253 repaid when the organisation sadly had to close)

2016 – Jobs and Income

Par Bay Sustainable Fish£3,100.00Promotion of fish cookery, workshops, food hygiene accreditation
Growing Project£4,000.00Community Garden
Job Club£1,000.00Room Hire at Burrows Centre and training

2017 – Young People

Job Club£1,090.00Room hire at Burrows Centre for 2017
Fourways Youth Centre£3,000.00Matchfunding to establish sustainability
Kernow Youth£2,770.00Outreach Youth support
Young Advisors£6,759.60Young entrepreneurs support and training
Par Track Ltd£40,000.00Match funding for skatepark

2018 – Health and Wellbeing

Cornubia Job Club£612.00Online access for Jobseekers and Universal Credit applications
Par Carnival Fête£500.00Contribution towards Community Event and consultation
Kernow Youth£5,000.00Teenage support – drop-in sessions
St Andrew’s Road Pond£500.00Information board
Fourways Kernow Youth£5,000.00Travel costs, professional fees and activities
Tex£6,210Community textile events

2019 – Recreation and Culture / Food Poverty