Families and Young People

(All equipment is available for use by community groups where appropriate.)

Numerous comments were received in this category during Par Bay Big Local (PBBL)’s initial consultation and PBBL recognised that there are many young people in our area who are articulate, positive, ambitious and with a sense of community.

It was felt important to help give them a voice and opportunities to encourage their involvement and leadership and also for inter-generational activities.

A number of related projects have received PBBL funding over the years, some also encompassing Recreation and other PBBL areas of focus;  these include:

2012 / 2017:  Par Community Association / Par Track Ltd – Par Bay Skate Park

Expenses for initial stages of major project.  A simple survey was undertaken and a public consultation event was being arranged.

Additional fund-raising events took place.  Long term project which will actively involve local young people as far as possible at all stages of the project.  [Project was highlighted in PBBL initial consultations as something youngsters in all three areas would like and use].  Mobile skate park arranged for event, with displays and possible plans of the proposed Park for comment and feedback.

After much hard work and further development, a further £40,000 grant was successfully applied for and the project will come to fruition in March 2019.

2012:  1st Par, St Blazey and Fowey Scouts – Replacement Mess Tent

Purchased and checked in Hall prior to use.  All made aware of PBBL funding.

“The Scouts [who include members from across all 3 PBBL areas] are planning a camp for the near future where the tent will be used and if good summer weather continues, it will be invaluable . Fundraising for Kernow 13 Jamboree.  The tent provides a central meeting area in poor weather conditions, emergency shelter + central cooking and dining for younger members.”

2013:  1st Tywardreath & Par Guides – Mess Tent

“Sleepover in aid of UNICEF.  We were the only Guide unit in the county to take part and although it was terrible weather, we had a great time and everyone stayed dry.”

“Again the weather could have been better, but the girls were able to use all our new equipment, learning new skills and meeting new challenges and experiences that camping and guiding offers.”

2013:  St Blazey 4Ways Music Project – DJ equipment and soundproofing

“In addition to the new DJ equipment we have also been able to have some rap and DJ workshops.  One young woman got through the second round of ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ auditions which was a brilliant achievement and confidence boost.  Future plans: Continue to encourage young people to express themselves through music by continuing to engage them through music.”

2013:  Sea Cadets – Box trailer for group attendance at events

The Cadet Corps had previously fundraised to purchase a new minibus.  The box trailer has allowed them to use the minibus to its maximum, transporting even more cadets to competitions and training weekends as their kit can be placed in the trailer.  It has made a huge difference to their ability to provide extra opportunities for the cadets.

2013:  Tywardreath Pre-school Playgroup – Sheltered outdoor play area

Full use made of shelter : 10 sessions in initial 2 weeks – including relocated sandpit and undercover craft sessions.

“We have had guttering attached which runs into a butt for rain collection which the children enjoy using for play, rather than going inside to sinks with their buckets. At present, the shelter has no walls and we plan to use it as it stands for a year and then possibly add features to it when we have seen how it is used.  Fortunate not to have had rain, but looking forward to using it for a shelter. Children will be observed and parents and carers will be consulted regarding future plans and use.”

2013:   Par Carnival – New bunting

Purchased for Carnival Week : 13 – 20 July 2013.

“Being able to buy new bunting (in time for 50th anniversary celebrations) was a great boon and all of the route of the Carnival procession was able to have bunting in place. More recently we have been lucky enough to engage the skills of Tex to make colourful flags to add to the festive atmosphere.”

2014:  Tywardreath Pre-school Playgroup – Communication friendly space

“The children have spent much more time this week sitting and communicating to each other through general conversation and role play.  We have alternated role play props each day, upstairs and downstairs, to give variety for imaginative play and encourage use of different scenarios and vocabulary.  Downstairs area is much darker than anticipated.  Can be used as a “dark sensory den” (with different types of lighting), but also planning to install some wall lights.  At present, it is still natural wood.  We envisage that it will become marked over time and plan to paint it when it becomes worn.  Two children drew on it with felt-tip pens on the first day!  The “dark” area will provide additional, flexible chill-out space which will be enjoyed by all children, but particularly those with sensory processing issues.

2014:  1st Par, St Blazey and Fowey Scouts – 3 kayaks and buoyancy aids

“These have been well used during the spring of 2015 onwards and certainly all through this summer (2015).  Several of our Scouts actually prefer these canoes to the kayaks we have and all of our Scouts and Explorer Scouts – girls and boys – have had many chances to use them this year.  Our leaders have the correct certificates to take them on the River Fowey and at sea.  We can then use them at certain times at Polkyth swimming pool where the Scouts can have training with St Austell canoe club instructors.”

2014:  Par Carnival – Printing, bands and St John Ambulance cover

The funding has enabled Par Carnival to make its way back to its former glorious week of community events to raise funds for community groups in Par St Blazey and Tywardreath.

2014:  Tywardreath School: Traverse Wall

“The traverse wall has added a new activity into our playground with all children able to access it.  It aids motor skills and a sense of ‘daring’ and ‘exploration’ into the children’s playtime.”

2015:  4FS St Blazey – Youth Dance Group

Our project has given young people in the local area an opportunity to access dance and be creative.  It has broken down barriers in our community (Par, St Blazey and St Austell) bringing people in our community together, celebrating young people in a positive way.  We have given young people an opportunity to platform their work giving them confidence and boosting their self-esteem.   They have had an opportunity to work with professional choreographers and showcase their work outside of Cornwall.

Our sessions have had a huge impact on young people’s lives. The young people have gained transferrable skills, grown in confidence and we have feedback from local schools about a noticeable different in some young people.  Young people from all backgrounds have been able to access our project due to funders like yourselves, it has had a huge impact on their well-being and has given young people in our community something to do, something positive to work and build on.   The project has also given young people in the area a chance to volunteer and support and work for the project.  We hope with further funding we can also create work for people in our community as our project grows.

We recently put on a show ‘A Night at the Movies!’ at St Austell Community Arts Theatre, thanks to your funding and the funding from the Cornwall Community Cashback. The show was a sell out and was such a fantastic celebration of young people. The young people were so proud and the work we do with them has evidently had a huge impact. It also gave other community projects/groups an opportunity to promote and share their work.

The interest in the Par and St Blazey area was much bigger than we expected with great support from local schools, much more interest than the St Austell area. We plan to apply for more funding and really push dance in our community. It is having such a positive impact! Please see some feedback from parents/careers below.

We will continue to apply for funding to keep our success rate and project running. The small subs we receive from the young people and the money we fundraised at our recent show will keep us running from September- December, so we will look for funders to support us and keep our project running sustainably. Thank you to Big Par Local for the funding to make these opportunities possible! It has had a huge impact in our community!

Feedback from some of the young people’s parents after watching our end of year show:

“ … Amazing talent from all of you and was so proud of my little boy …. Very pleased to say that both mine oldest would like to come and join 4F.”

“The best few days helping 4 Funx Sake Youth Dance prepare for their summer show ~ and wow what an amazing high energy performance!! Absolutely exhausted but waiting for my daughter to catch the coach to Kent for a competition now. …  Big Thank you to Alice, Jack Rach and all the inspiring teachers and dancers that have inspired and pushed her to reach her potential this past year.”

“Last night was such an amazing evening of talent, energy and passion! I’m feeling so incredibly proud of everyone who set foot on that stage, but also to all those who worked behind the scenes too. Alice and Jack you are an absolute inspiration! I feel blessed to have taught you, and now to work with you! Performances like these created by you guys, provide unforgettable opportunities for artists, and reignite the passion for the ‘arts’ in us oldies!”

Just got back from watching 4 Funx Sake perform “A night at the movies – Well what can I say, such an amazing bunch of very talented kids. A brilliant show.  Alice Walker and Jack you should be so proud of all you do x.“

“I have to say that every time I watch my daughter dance I’m totally blown away. She has grown so much this past year, improving constantly and to say I’m proud is an understatement!”

Fourways Youth Centre / Kernow Youth

Since major cuts in funding were made several years ago, Par Bay Big Local has invested in and continued to support Fourways Youth Centre in St Blazey. This has helped to make the Centre sustainable and maintain staffing. The skilled team of youth workers has continued to engage with young people of all ages in our area: supporting 8 – 12 year olds, building confidence and self-esteem and working with more challenging teenagers to tackle issues such as anti-social behaviour. They have also worked with a Young Parents group and a project helping young people with a disability.

Young Advisors

A number of the young people have really blossomed and further funding was made available to specifically support a Young Advisors Group who are active in the community, giving a voice to local young people, particularly about local issues and taking on commissions like adapting Neighbourhood Plans for a younger audience.  They have spent time with local PCSOs, undertaken research and a photography project, reviewed resources and made a film and DVD highlighting their positive activities which can be viewed here:  https://youtu.be/R1gTu3LuO18.

In addition, they have visited various youth groups, helping to gain valuable experience, planned and organized a successful Beach Day and attended an UnLtd workshop to discuss potential links to training for approaching organisations for additional commissioned work, e.g. police, local councils and the health service, as well as attending training and assisting with arrangements and activities for drop-in sessions at Cornubia.

To find out more about Kernow Youth activities click here.