Recreation and Culture

In the early days of Par Bay Big Local (PBBL) it was clear that that there were already numerous recreational facilities in our area:  from football and cricket clubs to good athletics facilities, youth clubs, community centres and a number of specialist groups and organisations. 

During our initial consultations, it was clear that our fellow residents were keen for more, as well as improvements and extensions to some of the existing facilities.  It was also apparent that they were keen for wider facilities, e.g. more community or seasonal events and development of ways of helping to promote the events and activities available.

For their part, PBBL were keen to focus support on projects which would build on existing successful facilities and not incur high maintenance or running costs, those which would help to bring communities together, particularly those working across generations and promoting local heritage.  Here are some of the projects which received awards, some as voted for by attendees at Community Awards (Participatory Budgeting) events:

2012:  Wheal Catherine Craft Circle – Blackout curtains for Gott Hall

Replacement curtains purchased and fitted. The curtains have made such a difference to everyone who uses Gott Hall.  They are beautifully made – people with slide shows have a great advantage. We hope they last as long as the old ones which were over 25 years old!  Other Hall users include Rainbows, Little Lambs, Art group, Elderberries, Old Cornwall Society, Friends of Par Beach etc

2012:  St Blazey Cricket Club – Outdoor net facility and training aids

2013:  St Blazey 4Ways Music Project – DJ equipment and soundproofing

“In addition to the new DJ equipment we have also been able to have some rap and DJ workshops.  One young woman got through the second round of ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ auditions which was a brilliant achievement and confidence boost.  Future plans: Continue to encourage young people to express themselves through music by continuing to engage them through music”

2013: St Blazey Reclaimed – Research and collation of archive material for printed Town to Tide booklet and DVD

Booklet was successfully compiled, printed and sold, alongside DVD. Publication incorporated stories and pictures collected from residents of St Blazey, Par and Tywardreath and excellent photos taken during the Town to Tide production.  A film was also made at the time and we now have a DVD to go with the package so you can watch it and read the fascinating stories. Finding somewhere to display the old photos and other stories.

Revenue will be used to run a fête in St Blazey in July (2014) and other projects for children during the school holidays.  Booklet was sold to celebrate the event and share all the stories and memories which fed into the project, as well as bringing in revenue.  It will stimulate more recalling of memories and help prepare for the next event.

2013: Cornwall Dyslexia Association – Research, workshops, training, mentoring and advice sessions

Three local dyslexia champions were recruited and trained and the project was promoted via local contacts and media.  Regular, drop-in, individual advice sessions and a workshop were held in central locations in the area.  Participants included parents, children and youngsters, some with dyslexia and others working with dyslexic individuals (eg  local youth leader) and all adult attendees were willing to help “spread the word” across the community.

Several attendees welcomed the opportunity to meet with others in similar circumstances, particularly to discuss coping strategies and support;  much interest in social media also.  Staff at Par Library were most helpful and researched enhanced services, eg  free loan of audio books which was of interest to several individuals. Working with a university student on continued promotion and also on how to maximise use of social media.

Volunteers will continue to be available to discuss personal situations and demonstrate Assistive Technology when appropriate.  Anecdotal evidence indicates that “spreading the word” has been effective – more people are talking about dyslexia in the local community and are willing to share information.

2013: Tywardreath Jubilee Clock Committee – Heritage works

Clock faces were restored and returned. We now have two clock faces that can be seen by all who pass through the village. There are plans to illuminate the east clock face.  [Several other local organisations awarded grants towards the total cost].  Also planning to archive photos of the removal and reinstatement for future generations to see and appreciate.

2013:  Par Community Association –  Armillary Sphere Paralympics Legacy for PL24

Project proceeding slowly but surely to refurbish armillary sphere and relocate to Par Running Track.  Increased support from local Councillors and Cormac who are very supportive.  Installation plans are being discussed, but will be accompanied by interpretation boards to inspire local athletes present and future.  Official opening is tentatively planned for Spring 2014.

2013:  St Blazey Reclaimed – St Blaise Feast 2014

Preparations and publicity underway for a project which is now an annual event.  The project attracted participation from all age groups and the workshops encouraged the development of creative skills in the community.  It has led to an increased awareness of heritage.  We have now developed a “bad weather” plan!  Future plans to incorporate teenage members of the community, e.g. Fowey School Samba Band, Air and Army Cadets.  We now have signs which Community groups are able to borrow road closure signs and other assets for their events.

2014: St Blazey Heavy Transport Bowling Club – Access ramp

Ramp installed to increase accessibility to Club.  Easier for members to get into the Club house;  safer and quicker exit in case of an emergency such as a fire.  Able to reduce the price of the wood as a member supplied this at cost price.  To raise funds to purchase a machine store away from the Clubhouse as the present store is a potential fire hazard.

2014:  Mothers Union (Par Branch) – Display items for centenary event

Display items acquired for centenary event and wedding dress display (20 – 22 June).  Event also helped to raise awareness and funds for Fourways Youth Centre and Kernow Young Carers, enabling them to continue with valuable projects concerning young people living difficult and stressful lives.  The mannequins sold within one week which was an added bonus and benefitted a local chapel

2014:  St Blazey Leek Seed Methodist Chapel – Replacement bunting

Bunting replaced. Previous bunting had been vandalised beyond repair whilst on loan.  New bunting has been well used at a range of events, e.g. Summer Fete, Holiday Bible Club and Messy Church. It gets us noticed and hopefully on the map!

2014: St Blazey Gate Quilters

Cutting and binding machines, purchased + other items for group use.  “Enabled us to purchase a sewing machine which members can use whilst at our meetings and workshops given in-house and by external tutors – a great asset to the Group”.  “We also purchased new rulers, mats and a rotary cutter which can be used during workshops … and items such as bags and cushions have been made which will feature in our exhibition in 2016”.

These items have been more successful and of help to the group than expected.  We continue and hope to share our knowledge and equipment with new members who join us in the future.  Group wishes to be able to support Cornish charities via their bi-annual exhibitions, promoting the group and art of patchwork.  Hope to share images with local press.

2015: Wingz Bird & Animal Sanctuary – Mains water connection

Major preparatory work undertaken and mains water connection completed.  Can continue to open to a wide range of visitors and offer volunteering and work experience opportunities.  Nearby properties will also benefit from the connection.  New falconry section (April 2016). Outreach programme – including school visits.  Seeking charitable status.

2015: Tywardreath Community Bee Group – Contribution towards initial costs

Hives, bees, equipment etc purchased May – July.  Successful honey extraction undertaken.

Health:  Group helps to support community health, wellbeing and healthy lifestyles.

Environment:  Interest has been encouraged and people have been inspired to plant bee friendly flowers.

Youth & Families:  Much interest from groups of younger people.  Community Days being arranged.

Overall Community Benefits: A thriving group now exists, bringing together people with the same interest, sharing knowledge.

80 jars of honey extracted in first year!  Income from sales will allow purchase of two more hives and creation of nucleus colonies.  First, low-cost “Introduction to Beekeeping“ course planned for Spring 2016 + videos.  Future profits will be used to purchase additional bees and equipment. New friends have been made through shared interest and many members now have confidence to set up their own hive.